A fun distraction

We went to the ZMC, our local medical centre, for Luka’s annual check-up with the optometrist (we’re all myopic in this family..). Since we had to wait a while for the eye drops to kick in, we took the optometrist’s advice and went to the central hall to check out the slide… Yes, this medical centre has a slide, right in the main hall!


The centre moved to a new building earlier this year. According to the website it is the first hospital in the world with a built-in slide. It is beautifully designed and integrated into the building and it’s meant to provide a positive distraction for patients and visitors. It certainly worked for Luka. He spent over 15 minutes going up and down and could have gone on longer if it wasn’t for the continuation of the check-up. It was so much fun!




After we got home I found out that the slide is not just for kids, but that anyone – adults as well – can use the slide. I am só going to at the next appointment!


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