Italy tastes like gelato

We were on holiday for three weeks and had ice cream just about every single day. Something I can hardly imagine now that we’re back in the Netherlands, where summers aren’t particularly hot and one doesn’t run in to an ice cream shop around every corner.

In Italy, we had three sunny, hot weeks. There came a moment when it got normal to casually stop by a gelateria and have our scoops for the day. There were so many choices, too – and yet I often stuck to my favourite flavours (limone and cocco).

In San Gimignano, a lovely, busy old town in Tuscany, we went to Gelateria Dondoli. I had read about this gelateria in a travelblog post about San Gimignano. Once we found the right piazza it was immediately clear where we had to be: people stood in line even outside the store to get their gelato. We couldn’t wait to get in – which was also because it was the middle of the day and we had a feeling there might be some nice air conditioning inside. Anyway, we didn’t have to wait long and the gelato was delicious.

Now Dondoli was open all day. Another time, in Castiglion Fiorentino, also a quaint Tuscan town, we wanted to get the kids some ice cream after exploring and climbing up the old streets. Unfortunately, every gelateria we came upon would not open until 4 in the afternoon. Eventually we gave up – no way around Italian ‘siesta‘.

On our way to the car, with slightly disappointed kids, we spotted Coco Palm Gelateria, conveniently located in the shade and actually open! Happy kids, happy parents – and great gelato as well. The lady who served us really made our day.

When I think back on our trip, the gelato’s are everywhere. It must have been at least a week since I’ve had one.
… Our town has one ice cream shop. I think it’s about time we got us some scoops!


~ what’s your favorite ice cream flavour? ~

One thought on “Italy tastes like gelato

  1. oh that takes me back, we slow traveled in Italy for two month and it was gelato time every day after dinner, our little one can’t talk at the time, but she knows it’s gelato time and says “yum yum, ummmm” then licks her lips … what do you think she wants 🙂

    my favorite flavor is pistachio, hubby and little one loves chocolate and want nothing else.

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